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At Affinity Media & Public Relations, we focus on specific and well-defined areas of expertise. This concentration allows us to offer our clients maximum return on investment through four separate, yet linked silos of knowledge acquired over the past twenty years and backed by the ability to masterfully execute for and on behalf of your organization.


Public Relations

An essential component of any nonprofit's brand-awareness and philanthropic acquisition strategy is a strong presence in the eyes of the public and potential donors. With so many charities competing for the same resources, now, more than ever, it's become more to ensure your mission, meaningful work, and impact on those whom you serve is front and center with your target audience at all times. A thoughtful and strategic public relations plan will help you educate a broad-based audience on who you are and what you do, increasing donor-awareness of your mission, allowing you to cultivate new volunteers.

Affinity focuses on the aspects of public relations that are most critical to your organization's mission, including: 

  • Strategy development

  • Messaging 

  • Special event marketing 

  • Crisis strategies and communications 

  • Influencer relations 

  • Write and distribute press releases

  • Speech writing

  • Write story pitches 

  • Create and execute special events designed for public outreach and media relations

  • Copy writing



Community Relations

Effective community relations are essential to our clients' successes.  Credible, community relations strategies must reflect and respect how the local community operates and be tailored to each situation and location.  Whether building and supporting a local profile, or responding to criticism or controversy, it is imperative for our clients to take a thoughtful and deliberate approach to stakeholder engagement, issues management, and community investment.  To create and foster true support, outreach must pair localized strategies with the communication channels that are credible in the community. 


Through an extensive network of well-established relationships with community leaders across the communities we serve, Affinity Media & Public Relations will help generate effective strategies to build strong working relationships with community leaders, stakeholders, and organizations. 

Affinity’s community relations services will include:

  • Creating and ensuring a continual relationship between clients and the local community, individuals, groups, and businesses. 

  • Engaging and leveraging support from the community through community outreach and local campaigns.

  • Working to build coalitions allowing organizations to increase potency and reach of its message. 

  • Helping clients understand community landscapes and key stakeholders.

  • Developing and implementing a strategic plan to make clients' community involvement more effective.

  • Protecting the interests of our clients with key business and community leaders.


Media Relations

Affinity works with you to articulate the mission work of your organization into appealing news stories that engages, inspires, and motivates the public. We'll share your story with the the appropriate media outlets for the greatest return on investment. Affinity leverages our expertise and influential connections in the news industry to enhance and increase the probability of exceptional coverage.

Media relations works. This positive exposure will help position your charitable organization's mission to be top-of-mind with donors and the community. A carefully executed news feature can elevate a a nonprofit's reputation, foster brand recognition and boost fundraising, making an impact on your ability extend your reach and the number of those you are able to serve. 

On occasion, the news coming from nonprofits  is unfavorable or controversial in nature, making it even more important to have a media relations firm on your side to advise, create, and execute a crisis communications plan. 


Media relations is an integral part of any successful nonprofit organization, allowing you to distribute organizational initiatives, philanthropic endeavors, programming, and success stories through credible traditional news outlets and social media channels earning the trust of stakeholders and the community.


Board Development Governance

An involved and active board of directors is an absolute for nonprofit organizations. Affinity provides comprehensive board development and training services tailored to your organization’s needs, including:

  • Comprehensive governance policy review.

  • Board development, mentoring, coaching and consulting.

  • Clarifying the board's role in fundraising.

  • Customized board training.

  • Planning and facilitating board development retreats.

  • Understanding the importance of diversity on your board. 


Good governance requires an investment of time, talent, and treasure, to ensure that board members have a shared understanding of their roles and responsibilities, including legal and fiduciary obligations, and the tools to implement them.

We'll help you and your board with: 

  • Understanding the role of nonprofit governance.

  • Board members as effective fundraisers and stewards.

  • Best practices in board development and governance.

  • Recruiting, vetting, orienting, and mentoring new board members.

  • The board-executive relationship.

  • Ethics and fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Understanding the balance sheet.

  • Balancing the mission with the bottom line.

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