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Just as with corporate brands, nonprofits seek to increase their overall awareness and visibility among their target audiences. However, it can be challenging to allocate funding to public relations and marketing efforts when many charities are running extremely tight budgets, with the majority of dollars going towards program and mission-driven work. Partnering with Affinity Media & Public Relations can go a long way in helping to increase awareness while cementing credibility, growing a stronger support base, and fueling fundraising, at a fraction of the cost of a full time professional.


With so many nonprofits vying for support for similar issues and causes, organizations need to differentiate themselves while being transparent about their activities and impact. People want to know that their donated dollars or volunteerism is truly making a difference. Affinity can help you showcase your mission and focus areas to attract new supporters, partners and volunteers, while making those already engaged feel energized about their involvement with your organization.

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